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College Teen Pov Fuck...hung with deer head, and on the floor lay a carpet of polar bear skins. Alex offered to remove their shoes, referring to the fact that as long as the guests do not come, you need to follow the crystalline purity. Outside was chilly autumn, and I was glad to take off our shoes and warm their feet on this carpet. Alex showed me the kitchen, dressing room, 7 bedrooms, a bath and an indoor pool. Without going into details, I have to get to work today - the waitress looked urgently because the previous girl scandal refused to go to work. I agreed and wrote instructions for their duties, and waited for the guests. Alex warned that guests who are here today - often come here, and they have special privileges in this place. So, in a sense, they can behave as masters, not cost them anything to prohibit. Alex said goodbye and wished me luck and left. Next hour I wandered through the empty rooms and marvel what a cozy home are huge. An hour later, I saw a drove up to the house three white SUV that way through the damp and dirt looked like car rally participants "Paris-Dakar". Finally, the car stopped, and people began to come out of them. two guys are older, which is about 35, and from the third car came two men with a little gray hair and a rather large gray-haired uncle, like a stereotypical Colonel - three young men who looked to be about 25, from the other came from a single machine. I opened the door and greeted each of them. They smiled at me, and the two young guys even released compliments. Those who came were at home - some of them took off his shoes, while others - immediately went to the bathroom in the shoes, giving the impression that they are oriented in the house a lot better than I do and do not consider themselves guests. While I was arranging shoes of those who took it off I was approached by the same "colonel" and introduced himself - "Vladimir" - he reached out. I reached out in response and suggested that "Colonel" to conduct a tour of the house, to wh...
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