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  • Added : 2019-04-05

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Red Headed Cream spent a lot of time researching and studying the dolphins. This knowledge has opened up a lot to me. Now, when I see a prisoner Delphine, my heart skips a beat. Although in the wild their life expectancy is from thirty to forty years in captivity is usually a total of five. Where in the wild their dorsal fin standing upright, in captivity, he begins to fold back to one side. Where in the wild, they can reach speeds of over 30 miles per hour, in captivity they are limited swimming around and around in a circle. It is a huge wandering creatures, accustomed to unlimited freedom, for them shall be a terrible punishment to live in the bank, which is typically less than fifty feet in diameter. I can not go to the Dolphinarium. Now I see them differently than most people. If you watch them long enough, you will understand that I mean. I hope that things will change in the future, so that the only dolphins that you see - were the ones that float freely in the ocean. And so you know all about it. Perhaps May the memory of what happened biased too strong emotions, but as far as I know, this is what actually happened, and no one will ever erase it from memory. Remember - the fun and fellowship that's all something for which we are all here! - My God, where is he! - putting his glass of wine and a mini-bar, located beside the bed in the form of tables, alarmed Sophia Pavlovna. - Forever, I'm losing it! . . Perebrosali, from place to place, almost all pillows, sitting up in bed naked buttocks to the feet, Sophie found a loud squeal "fugitive". Of zeal she flushed, dressing gown fell open, her breasts swayed from side to side - nipples were hard, darkened. I, too, they were hard! Calming again broke out "flame" I squeezed his legs, took a sip of wine. - Nastia! . . - Sophia Pavlovna said into the phone. - Come on, Nastya. Keys with you? Well, come on! Where are we? We are here. On the bed ... We drink red wine AG. mur-rr ... Come on, come on ... Sophie I winked. - Kiss Me...
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