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  • Added : 2019-04-05

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Small teen facialized... the edge of the table. - Stay here, please, a little bit, I'm - it is something pulled out of the wardrobe and, clutching a bundle and dashed away. Somewhere rustled water. I did not sit down. I leaned against the table. After a while the water stopped making noise. Tanya came, washed, combed, dressed in homemade fluffy yellow robe and bare feet in fluffy slippers. She closed the door to the room and propped her back. He stands and stares at me. (What's my child, do you want from me?) - Why did not you leave me with him? - he asks suddenly and stares at me. - If I told you I did not want to stoop to Vova, you all right? - shrug wearily answer (I still did not have a showdown). - I'm afraid that you become disgusted, by what has happened. You do not feel disgust me? - he asks, looking searchingly into my eyes. - It's okay, Tanya - I kissed her, and she clung to me. But here's the kind of shake and stopped. - Do you want, I'll do whatever you want? - suddenly he asked hoarsely. Well, Tanya! And you definitely do not make up your mind, or? She shyly nods and lowers her head. Then, abruptly raises the challenge and already looking into the eyes. I looked at her and nod. (I'm not made of iron, and Tanya in her robe looks so attractive). I feel - I start to get excited. - What should I do? - he asks softly. - How far it can go? - I confused thrashed thought. I dare: - Oral - show eyes down. Tanya hesitantly nodded. Suitable, kneels down, tucked them under her robe floors, and looks at me from below. I show in the eyes of a fly. Tanya awkwardly fumbling with a snake. I help and pull out my already risen a member. Cupping his hand, he examines it closely. (Probably never so close to reality has not seen the male member). - And it always like this? - he asked without looking up. - In this excited state, as usual - a mild and smaller - say, trying to be patient. - If he is excited, then you want me? - satisfied, she said. Having seen and mash member, Tanya...
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